Springbok Hide


Size: 94 cm x 57 cm

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African Springbuck (Springbok) Animal Hide
Size: 94 cm x 57 cm

An African Springbuck (Springbok) skin

A top quality African Springbuck animal pelt/hide floor mat that originates from South Africa. We hand select our Springbuck pelt/skin/hide floor mats so that you receive only top quality graded Springbuck skins.

The Springbuck roams in most South African game reserves and is found mainly in Southern Africa. African Springbuck hides are obtained during the culling season in South Africa and all Springbuck pelt/skin/hides are CITIES approved to ensure that there has been no illegal culling or poaching of these pelts. The Springbuck is known as Springbok in South Africa

If you are looking for a Springbuck hide that has been made into a cushions please enter our cushion gallery

All Springbuck skin require tanning certificates for export purposes. The price of the permit is included in the shipping cost.

All sizes listed are approximate. The Springbuck pelt you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or pattern from the Springbuck pelt shown in the picture because of the nature Springbuck animals pelt/skin in unique

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