Nguni Cow Hides – Black & White


Hides range in price from R3800.00 – R4500.00 so, please do not hesitate to email for the latest images of available hides in our stores.

Hides shown on this page are only examples.



Please Contact us for our latest Range of Beautiful Black and White Nguni Cow Hides at Hides Of Africa Howick – 033 3302040Salt 'n Pepper Nguni Hide Black & White Speckled Butterfly Nguni Hide Black Flecked Nguni Hide Speckled Solid Grey Nguni Hide Black & White Nguni Hide Black Spotted Nguni Hide Black & White Butterfly Nguni Hide Black & White Spotted Nguni Hide Black & White Mottled Nguni Hide Grey Speckled Butterfly Nguni Hide

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 190 x 175 cm