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Struan Gilson
Business Owner
+2782 3127604 (M)
+2733 3302040 (W)

Blake Gilson
Production Manager
+2782 4541169 (M)
+2733 3302040 (W)

Ryan Thompson
Wholesale Accounts & Web Sales
+2782 3862196 (M)
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Collette Welnitz-Hall
Retail Manager
+2736 4881977 (W)

Cedarwood (Saverite Centre, Opp Champagne Sports)


  1. Dear Ryan,
    I am interested possibly purchasing your products wholesale. Our company has a wildlife festival in Charleston,SC every Feb. We are looking into having african products in an area for sale. Our attendees (45,000) travel around and a lot have been to africa to either hunt or go on photo safaris. Please email me and advise on the next step in getting a listing of your product and the pricing wholesale.
    Beth Huggins

  2. Hi team, I bought a laptop bag which I have been using in UK..I was stopped a few times by people wanting to know where it was purchased and they were blown away by the exceptional workmanship and price. Keep it up guys, by international standards, you guys produce leading products.

  3. Please do contact me via my email address, in relation to what products I would like to purchase from your establishment… please do contact me as soon as possible as this purchase is to take place as soon as poss possible

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